The wildly contested middleweight motorcycle segment is one that throws a lot of punches.

However, the KTM Duke range has proven to be an undisputed champion in the middleweight arena, boasting impressive performance and unmatched handling with scalpel-like precision, appealing to riders looking for agility, punch, and poise.

February sees the Midweight Naked campaign enter the ring, bringing with it some big hitters. Orange bleeders can look forward to a refreshed KTM 890 Duke R, which sees some fresh new colourways, catapulting the super scalpel to the top step of the midweight segment. A new Duke offering also enters the fray, with a Grand Prix-inspired KTM 890 Duke stepping into the ring as a refire title contender.

In typical KTM fashion, Midweight Naked February will be a no-holds-barred event, unleashing the best middleweight nakeds into the market. Keep your rpm high and your clutch at the ready as you check out the KTM 890 Duke R,  an even sharper iteration of the super scalpel which slices on to the scene. Februatry 28 sees the Granb Prix inspired entry into Dukedom of the  KTM 890 Duke GP.

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