AS BIKERS, we all know how uncomfortable it can be to experience chilled hands, an often mind-numbing coldness that affects our mind and concentration, and therefore our reaction times. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

I rode through the summer months wearing various brands of two-season glove, but when the weather turned it was time to trial something more cosy, and I am delighted to report how effective Tucano Urbano’s ‘Handwarm’ heated gloves are, offering a new system that more efficiently provides heat diffusion in the palm and finger zones.

There are a number of heated gloves on the market, some with trailing wires to the bike’s battery or fitted charging points. Not so the Handwarm gloves, which address the situation with the fitment of a 7.4v lithium rechargeable battery inside each glove concealed within a Velcro closure pouch. Manufactured with a faux suede palm and a back panel constructed in a Neoprene effect technical fabric with goat leather inserts and a microfibre lining, the gloves also boast Primaloft thermal padding, a Hydroscud waterproof and breathable inner membrane, with soft protection built into the knuckles. What’s more, the gloves are touchscreen compatible and CE approved to meet EN 13594:2015–CE safety standards for motorcycle gloves. The gloves fit neatly over a jacket via long cuffs with a wrist closure via a Velcro strap, ensuring that no draft can make its way under jacket sleeves.

Prior to use, you simply plug the batteries into the supplied dual battery charger. You will know when the batteries are charged as a small red light on the universal plug turns green, and you are good to go. The batteries are then plugged into a small lead inside each pouch, with a horizontal fitment. Try placing them vertically, and you won’t be able to secure the pouch. Each glove has a simple rubber on/off switch with no heat selection levels. As stated previously, the heat pads are fitted to the palm and the fingers and provide a reassuring amount of heat to both areas.

VERDICT: Perfect for urban commuting and weekend ride-outs, for a heated, waterproof and breathable glove at this price point, you can’t go wrong, and even wearing the gloves without the heating element in use, I found them to be both warm and snug.