From Bluetooth integrated helmets, headsets and cameras to remote controls, adapters and accessories, Sena has the biking world pretty much covered.

Having said that, there is always going to be something new around the corner, and that is just what we have with Sena’s 3S Plus Boom headset, which has been designed for jet and open-face helmets. There are controls on the microphone for ease of use, and it has been updated to Bluetooth 4.1 to deliver high definition intercom communications with enhanced range, voice prompts, and smart intercom pairing using the Sena Utility App.

That’s not all, because there is also Advanced Noise Control to filter out wind and background noise, and the headset supports smartphone connectivity to allow the rider to pair it not only with another headset (pillion or separate bike), but also a ‘phone in order to listen to GPS directions, take phone calls, or stream music.

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The 2-button control for the 3S Plus Boom is cleverly incorporated directly into the boom mic, eliminating the need to affix any external elements to your helmet. And with it’s unified speaker construction the 3S Plus is a neat example of simplicity and efficiency of design, making installation into any jet or open-face helmet incredibly sleek and easy.
There’s no need to worry about being heard either, as the 3S Plus Boom boasts HD intercom, providing superior audio clarity over the 2-way intercom on the road up to 400 metres (0.25 miles) away. This Bluetooth headset allows up to eight hours of talk time on a single charge and seven days of standby time. Charging the headset is easy thanks to the new USB-C connection.
The Sena Utility App makes configuring the 3S Plus Boom a breeze. Change feature settings, access the product’s digital Quick Start Guide on your phone, and more. And with Smart Intercom Pairing, connecting to a friend is as easy as scanning a QR code on your phone.

In a nutshell, the 3S Plus Boom headset is simple, elegant and powerful with everything you need… and nothing you don’t. It will set you back £99 from anywhere that stocks the Sena range – head to to find your local stockist.

  • Bikers Nod is looking forward to doing a full road test on the 3S Plus Boom headset once we are out of lockdown.