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We just love what HJC is doing with its helmet graphics! We have just reported on the RPHA II Otto Minions graphic, and now we have news of the Marvel Venom helmet, which is in stock now. Yep, the original Venom helmet is back, just in time for the arrival of another...

SHOP WINDOW: HJC RPHA 11 Otto Minions Graphic

AFTER HELPING Gru to steal from the infamous Vicious 6, Otto and his minion friends must help the young Gru hide away as he hatches his evil plan to become the world's most revered supervillain... This specially licensed edition of the RPHA 11 brings you the eagerly...

The Hungry Highlander

Roadside diner. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Fancy trying haggis or venison, or a tasty burger? The choice is yours. facebook

The Triumph 1902 Café

Stylish surroundings and a warm welcome. Hot and cold refreshments. Barista-style coffee. Free Wi-Fi.

Squires Café Bar

Popular with bikers for over 40 years. Breakfast, brunch, pub grub. Campsite. Speedstyle bike accessory shop in the grounds (01977 6899933).

Ryka’s Café

Bikers’ hangout for half a century. Hot and cold food. Famous for its burgers and milkshakes.

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Get the Down on Power

Get the Down on Power

Battery failure is an all too common reason for a roadside rescue. We talked to battery-saving experts OptiMate to find out why optimisers make sense for café racers.

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Welcome to The Bikers Nod

This webzine exists to bring you the latest in bike technology, reviews, news, touring ideas, the latest kit, walkaround videos of new launches and travel-related films. We hope to encapsulate the world of motorcycling in an appealing way not just for existing riders, but those new to biking, those who are thinking of coming on board, and those who simply enjoy an armchair read. We are here for you. If there is any element missing, let us know and we will endeavour to rectify it. Meanwhile, prepare to feel the breeze.

– Michael Cowton

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