Facebook occasionally can throw up some really good contacts.
Recently I asked a fellow biker about his blanket wrap which was attached to the front of his Harley Softail Heritage Classic. It looked great.
Low and behold, a few weeks later I was browsing social media and came across a post by Niall McKay who lives up in Kintore, Aberdeenshire. He produces leather products, including blanket wraps. Impressed by what I saw, I touched base with Niall and ordered one, to include the Mexican blanket. When it arrived, I was very impressed.
Blanket wrap
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Thirty-eight-year-old Niall tells me he started working with leather in 2019, despite having had zero previous knowledge or use of it in any way. He followed the self-taught route, reading website articles and watching ‘How to’ videos online. “This was never supposed to lead to creating items for others, but just as a personal hobby,” he says.
“I think I was interested in doing this from seeing some of the work and products that I thought were ‘cool’ and available from other small biker-oriented companies, but only in the USA.  Since I didn’t really want to pay to ship them here, I thought I could try it myself.

“Starting with the basics of keyrings and a leather vest extender, I began by trial and error until I found what worked for me, using YouTube as a personal reference tool.  I then slowly grew into more intricate work, which led to a custom tank bib and then on to Mexican blanket leather wraps/carries.”

Having posted some of his work on bike-based Facebook pages – mostly Harley – not surprisingly, he received excellent feedback, realising that he wasn’t the only one in the UK looking for such products. “Now I am slowly going to take on some custom orders and see where it goes.”
The team at Bikers Nod wish Niall the best of luck with his venture.