HAVING A CAR parked on one side of the double garage and two motorbikes, plus tool cabinets, a filing cabinet and a variety of other household ephemera on the other, was proving to be somewhat of a nightmare, as I have been forever shuffling things around to safely navigate my way through, particularly with both bikes on side-stands. Then a colleague on a biker magazine mentioned the Universal Bike Stand from BikerTidy, so I decided to invest in one… and what a boon it has proved to be.

At first I was doubtful about how secure a bike would be with its front wheel clamped in, but my worries proved to be unfounded.  The stand makes it possible to securely store a bike in an upright position, which in turn frees up floor space as it eliminates the tilt from the side-stand. The stand will take all wheel sizes, from a push bike to a heavyweight Cruiser, so my Bandit has now found a new home. With a rear paddock stand also in situ, it is now perfect for maintenance purposes.

The stand arrived fully welded, so no assembly was required, and having taken it from the packaging, I was very impressed with the weight. A unique cup is made in three sections, and spreads the weight of the bike evenly across the cup to make it stronger. Fabric sleeves avoid the stand pinching on the bike’s front wheel, which makes it easier to pull the bike out of the stand. At first I found it easiest to ride the bike slowly in first gear on to the stand, as it takes some rocking and rolling to get the front wheel over the cup and in between the sleeves, but once in situ, the bike was rock steady. The stand also comes with holes so you can bolt it to a trailer, van or floor.

Measuring H38cm x W53cm x L66cm, the Universal Bike Stand is available in black, blue, red, orange and navy. I opted for blue, which came powdercoated to order, as it matches my Bandit.

A chain ring is also included, so should you decide to bolt the stand to the garage floor, you can secure your bike with an anti-crop chain for security, although you will need to acquire the latter separately.

£120 (inc VAT, delivery extra) | www.bikertidy.com