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If you are wondering how to keep your footwear, motorcycle helmet and gloves as fresh as the proverbial daisy, then STORM have the solution with DEO, which hygienically and effectively reduces odours that can slowly build up with continuous wear, not that I am suggesting for a moment that you suffer from issues with either bacteria or fungal problems, but prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes. The instructions could not be simpler – spray the product on and leave to dry before wearing your gear again and, hey presto! job done. I have been using the spray for a couple of months, and have been well impressed, as I am sure you will be, too. Just a word of caution… try and avoid spraying it on to your visor. The Deodoriser comes in a handy 100ml metal canister with a plastic spray nozzle. £9.


Another handy product from STORM is their Balm leather conditioner. Again in spray-on format, it acts as an excellent proofer for smooth leathers. Available in a handy 150ml size, I have enjoyed using this on my boots during the summer and autumn periods, keeping them clean and protected. It comes in a rich emulsion formula, and helps to maintain the feel and look of your footwear. I have yet to try it on any of my jackets, but for footwear, and for the price, you can’t go wrong. £8.50. www.stormcare.co.uk