Royal Enfield’s Himalayan has been released in a special edition format, ‘The Himalayan Adventure’, by the UK distributor, Moto GB, through their dealership network.

The Himalayan Adventure Edition has a number of official Royal Enfield genuine motorcycle accessories already fitted as part of the package, including aluminium panniers withbrackets, engine bars and hand guards with a built-in saving of up to £100 on the combined price.

The special edition enables riders to ride out of the showroom and straight on to their next adventure without delay and perfectly equipped.

Since its release, the Himalayan has garnered huge success and affection due to the honesty and simplicity of the riding experience. As its name denotes, this rugged bike was made for tackling long adventures across challenging terrain, and it has consistently exceeded expectations both in terms of performance and price.

The Himalayan Adventure is a limited edition so any riders tempted to own an adventure-ready bike should contact their nearest dealership to register interest or arrange a test ride when COVID policy allows. The Himalayan Adventure Edition is also available to buy online.

With a grounded stance, terrain tested suspension and agile handling the Himalayan truly can handle any off-road environment. The Himalayan cradles the rider in its low seat height, and this combined with the upright handlebars and intuitively placed footpegs, results in the riding position that’s botcomfortable for long journeys and perfectly natural when standing.

The mounting points on the front and back racks let you strap up and set off any time, while the LCD instrument cluster keeps the rider  in the track of miles to maintenance. It really is a case of turning the key and then finding your next adventure.

Prices of the Himayan Adventure start at £4,799 (PCP £84 p/m) to the new colourways of £4,899 (PCP £84 p/m).

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