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Smart Tool Box for BMW 1250 GS

Wunderlich’s popular Smart Tool Box is now available to fit BMW R1200 and R1250 GS models without pannier frames. Waterproof, lightweight, tough and lockable, the Smart Tool Box mounts to the GS’ subframe and provides a handy place to stash tools, first aid and other...

There’s an Intruder in my garage!

Just before Christmas one chilly, but sunny, afternoon, I was on a casual solo ride on the Honda 1100 CMX that I had been loaned by the manufacturer for test, and took the opportunity to pop into a local café to warm up! There was only one other machine in the large...


Norton Motorcycles has revealed a prototype of the V4CR, a naked Café Racer derivative of the V4SV superbike. This is the first prototype to be designed, engineered and built at the recently opened global headquarters in the UK. Sharing the same engineering DNA,...

The Millionth Triumph of The Modern Era

Hand in hand with the announcement of plans to celebrate next year’s 120th anniversary of the most iconic British motorcycle brand in the world, Triumph has unveiled the landmark millionth Hinckley Triumph produced. Triumph has reached a historic milestone in its...


Somewhat akin to its namesake Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, Honda’s Rebel is big and bold, and defiantly smooth with a hint of spice…


IF YOU FANCY  riding Triumph's latest generation of Tigers and Scramblers in a stunning location (and who wouldn't!), then look no further than the Triumph Adventure Experience Spain. Catering for all abilities, from beginners to advanced off-roaders, you will...

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Welcome to The Bikers Nod

This webzine exists to bring you the latest in bike technology, reviews, news, touring ideas, the latest kit, walkaround videos of new launches and travel-related films. We hope to encapsulate the world of motorcycling in an appealing way not just for existing riders, but those new to biking, those who are thinking of coming on board, and those who simply enjoy an armchair read. We are here for you. If there is any element missing, let us know and we will endeavour to rectify it. Meanwhile, prepare to feel the breeze.

– Michael Cowton

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