SAFE, STRONG, super quick and easy to use, Andy Strapz are a game-changer for attaching luggage to bikes.

The brainchild of a senior emergency nurse who’d seen too many permanent eye injuries caused by bungee cords, Andy Strapz are 50mm-wide, flat-profile, elasticated webbing straps, secured with Velcro.

Their flat profile means they won’t cut into the cargo they’re securing, even when pulled tight, as the width spreads the pressure evenly. It also means they stay exactly where they’re positioned and won’t ‘roll off’ or ‘creep’ to the centre of the load, like round profile cords invariably do.

Secured along the strap with Velcro, there are no dangerous or damaging hooks; fiddly and unreliable plastic buckles or clips to break; and no loose ends to flap about in the wind. Their design also allows quick and easy adjustment, by simply wrapping round the anchor point or the load until fully secure – ideal if the load increases or decreases in size en route. Each one features a built-in loop for pulling the strap tight and into position, which are big enough to operate with a gloved hand.

Designed and made in Australia, there are three styles of Andy Strapz to choose from: regular Flat Strapz, Piggyback Strapz, for strapping one item on top of another, and Smart Strapz, designed for lashing to footpeg hangers and luggage racks.

Andy Strapz come in 750mm, 1000mm and 1500mm lengths, and prices start from just £20 including VAT per pair. They’re available in the UK from BMW and touring accessory specialist